Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho – Report of a Lecture by H.E. Amb. Makase Nyaphisi, Ambassador of Lesotho to Germany

His Excellency Dr Makase Nyaphisi Participates at the 2012 Berlin International Economics Congress - 7th March 2012. During the most recent Berlin International Economics Congress held by the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy , Dr Nyaphisi gave a presentation titled
  March 07th, 2012

His Excellency Participates at the 2012 Berlin International Economics Congress

H.E. Dr. Makase Nyaphisi held a presentation at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy on the 7th of March, 2012 during the Berlin International Economics Congress.

The Berlin International Economics Congress 2012 was one of the world leading global conferences combining the fields of International Economics, Nation Branding and International Relations with an interdisciplinary and multinational program. The conference took place on 07 – 13 March, 2012 and examined the role of Cultural Diplomacy in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Bridges, Global Governance and Nation Branding with an international outlook. The central theme of the Conference was ‘Building Economic Bridges and Integrating Cultural Diplomacy into Nation Branding Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Governance.’

In His presentation titled “Cultural Diplomacy in the Global Economy”, H.E. highlighted the increasing importance of regional alliances, strategic partnerships and co-operations among countries in today’s world, and – even more so – as the financial crisis ravages national economies. He also highlighted the relevance and importance of cooperation between countries and institutions as exemplified by the fact that countries struggling with unemployment and debt have begun to turn to other nations and international institutions for support. He further examined various relevant aspects of the international economic system and how Cultural Diplomacy can help to support interstate economic relationships.