What is Cultural Diplomacy to you?

By Lochin Nusratulloevich Fayzulloev, Vice-Chairman, Committee of Youth Affairs, Sports, and Tourism of Tajikistan


“In the 21st Century, tolerance and mutual understanding are still a big challenge. We pay significant attention to this issue: we want tourism to grow, and we want people of different nationalities living in the area to get closer to each other through the tools of Cultural Diplomacy. In particular, we are members of the Silk Route Alliance. As you may know, the Silk Route used to pass across Tajikistan territory. The goal of this intergovernmental Agreement, among regions of the Central Asia, is to promote both mutual understanding and strengthen stability in the area through cultural exchanges, and to facilitate tourism.

The role of Tajikistan is becoming more and more important when facing the Afghanistan situation and in promoting tolerance and peace in the Central Asia area”.